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Photography + Motion


"We had a fantastic experience working with Jessica. She was prompt, and communicative throughout the entire process. She took her time capturing the photos we wanted, and they've worked out beautifully for us. Looking forward to working with her more in the future."

- Zach Wigal, Detroit Pizza Depot


"I had the pleasure of working with Jessi Torres in 2022 for a series of beverage and culinary photography projects and could not have been more impressed with the experience. Jessi is a true professional and expert at her art. Her mixology photography truly sets the bar in the category and is equally engaging and inviting. Her ability to convey service, ambiance and personality through a single photograph is unparalleled in the SoCal region. Providing her own vision and vibe to every shoot, she is also a dream to work with in culinary photoshoots. Jessi can not only take your creative direction into reality, but she is exceptional at building on your aesthetic goals and taking your idealized images from good to Great!"

- Kayla Watson

"Jessica is easily one of the most skilled and thoughtful photographers I have ever worked with. As a bar manager, cocktail photographs are an essential part of marketing, but so many of them rely on the same hackneyed shots. But Jessica possesses a rare level of passion and creativity that results in unique, captivating photos, which is why I have hired her multiple times. Not only does she inspire confidence with her technical knowledge, Jessica is also considerate and personable, making the whole experience of shooting with her enjoyable from start to finish. I would sincerely recommend her to anyone!"

- Chris Raba, Bolita


"Working with Jessica is always a pleasure ! Her work always supersedes my expectations and I know I’m always in good hands . Her detail is impeccable and her professionalism is outstanding. "

- Ashlea Perkins,, LBB Agency

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